Berg König | Sweet & Fruity Bundle

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Contents: 100% Swiss hemp flowers
Cultivation: Indoor
Flavour: fruity-sweet, sweet-sour
THC: 0.4-0.6%.
CBD: 10-12%


The Berg König | Sweet & Fruity Bundle captivates with its three fruity-sweet aromas. You like your blossoms fruity-sweet? Sweet & Fruity is just the thing for you!

The set includes 3 varieties of 1.6 grams each:

Blackberry, an exotic Indica strain with a unique and intense sweet taste. Characteristic for Indica are its buds covered with a lot of resin and therefore offer a full and intense taste experience. Its aroma is fruity-sweet with a pleasant berry note.

Strawberry, a proven hybrid strain with a taste reminiscent of strawberry, will convince every connoisseur. As an Indica-Sativa hybrid, it captivates with a broad spectrum of positive characteristics of both types. The fruity-sweet buds with strawberry are unique in taste. The flowers are sticky and contain a lot of resin, which leads to a great smoking experience.

Sour Diesel, a Sativa dominant hybrid strain that will knock any connoisseur off their feet with its unique look. Its taste is strongly reminiscent of the cult strain Blueberry Diesel, which has an intensely sour-sweet aroma. The strong buds are slightly violet, covered with crystals and rich in resin - a pure pleasure.

All plants are cultivated in Switzerland according to the highest quality standards and are free of any pesticides and herbicides. The product is 100% plant-based and contains neither tobacco nor nicotine. CBD hemp flowers are sold only to adults. It is not recommended to drive a vehicle after consumption. Possession and consumption can be prosecuted outside Switzerland.

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