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Berg König stands for 100% natural CBD products - grown in Switzerland in harmony with nature.

Our CBD buds are exclusively from certified, regional hemp farmers and are tested for quality and legality by authorized laboratories.

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Your CBD online store. Regional - for the whole of Switzerland.

Our CBD Shop has been delighting customers from Central Switzerland for a long time and now inspires the whole of CBD Switzerland.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is an active ingredient of the cannabis plant that can be ingested by humans without any problems. For several years, CBD has enjoyed increasing popularity in Switzerland. Not least because CBD has proven to have extremely low side effects in practice. Research on this active ingredient is still in its infancy; however, initial studies suggest great healing potential. Our customers take CBD for a variety of ailments. Among them:

• Sleep disorders
• Internal restlessness/stress
• Chronic pain

In our CBD Shop you can buy CBD flower with different cannabidiol concentrations. Discover products now!

Buy CBD - Just like that, for enjoyment

Many customers of our CBD Shop appreciate our cannabis products for recreational enjoyment. Many like to smoke cannabis and want to start the day rested and powerful in the morning. Our CBD makes it possible. Our customer Carlo reports, "This is my time-out, my after-work ritual. This is how I tell myself: Now you can switch off. Enough work for today." Christian: "I used to have extreme trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Thanks to CBD flower, I wake up more refreshed."

Buy CBD, just like that - in our CBD Shop you will find a detailed flavor description for each flower variety.

Try CBD, discover, enjoy, gift

Curiosity is a first step to new pleasures. Gone are the days when hemp slumbered in the dingy corner. Our CBD Shop caters to a wide clientele - from ever corner of our society - everybody can now order CBD online.

All orders in our CBD store are shipped immediately, discreetly and completely neutrally packaged.

Sustainability - more than hot air

We work with regional farmers with a passion for cannabis. Our concept of sustainability goes even further:

• We know our producers personally. Sustainable partnerships with our farmers lead to first-class quality and the best product for you.
• From cuttings to packaging material, we pay attention to resource-saving production.
• Our actions are characterized by deep-rooted love for nature, the mountains, rivers and lakes of central Switzerland - this enthusiasm flows into our CBD products.

Buy CBD - in harmony with nature.

Time to grow - our plants have that

With the help of organic nutrient substrates and microorganisms, we successfully replace chemical pesticides, herbicides and growth boosters - not only do you benefit, but so do our plants.

Discreet & fast

We will ship your order immediately & in neutral packaging. If you order before 2 PM, your order will be in the mail tomorrow!

Guarantee of quality

Our products are grown, processed and packaged to the highest quality standards.

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